General FAQS

MENTORS is run by experienced professionals from the financial services field, Medical and Paramedical Field, Foreign exam coaching Experts and a team of professionals in Overseas Education industry and supported by a robust advisory board.

The faculty of MENTORS consists of experienced professionals from the financial services, Medical field, Paramedical field, and experts from Foreign exam coaching field.

Each course has been customised in terms of content and form to ensure that knowledge and skill coverage is highest. A lot of real life experience from many years spent in the industry by the management team has been included.

You can choose a course online or visit any of our Mentors Centre and go through our selection process.

The courses are conducted at Mentors Centers at convenient timings. Please contact our centre near to you.

For any other querries pls contact us on info@mentorsindia.in or call 08000137749.


Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Dentists, Pharmacist and Paramedical staff or Hospital Staff.

Dentists,Pharmacists and Assistants, Nurses and Midwives, Technicians, Physicians, Practitioners and Technicians of the Complementary and Alternative with minimum 2 years of experiance post Graduation and post Internship.

Nurses and Midwives, Diploma or Degree in Nursing.

There is no age limit for any Foreign Exam.(D.H.A, H.A.A.D.,N.C.L.E.X. & C.R.N.E)

It varies from Exam opted for specific country. For Dubai one has to clear DHA Exam and passing marks is 60%.


Mentors Paramedical/Nursing College FAQS

All nursing courses are affiliated with Sankalp Education and Central Government Approved (N.C.V.T. & B.S.S.) and KNC, INC

Nursing and Paramedical Students get 6 months theory training at MENTORS and 3 months practical training at reputed Corporate Hospitals and Diagnostic Laboratories. With this exhaustive training, they are absorbed for employment in best of the hospi

Eligibility of Technician courses is minimum 8th pass or 10th pass or 12th fail. All Technician courses are approved by B.S.S. & N.C.V.T.

Eligibility for B.Sc Nursing is minimum 50% in 12th science B Group.

Eligibility for G.N.M is minimum 50% in 12th General Stream

ATKT is allowed in G.N.M, B.Sc Nursing, Diploma Course & Technician Courses.