Saudi Licensing Exam (SLE)

Saudi Council Exam is now administered outside Saudi Arabia in a number of Prometric Testing Centres located in the Asian Region.

Saudi Licensing Exam (SLE) Â or ‘Saudi Medical Board Exam’ is a ‘Saudi Commission for Health Specialties’ (SCHS) exam for medical speciality or general practice licensing.

*It can either be taken inside Saudi Arabia (where you need an eligibility number from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, which is a hassle) or in several countries of the world (where no eligibility requirement applies, which is great).

It is a 2 hour exam taken on the computer, with 70 multiple choice questions. It is considered an easy exam to pass but getting high marks needs more work. This exam counts when you apply for jobs in Saudi Arabia. An organisation called Prometric arranges this exam inside as well as outside of Saudi Arabia. Prometric is a provider of testing and assessment skills. It also hold other exams for different institutions all over the world.

About Prometric Exam For Nurses
Prometric Exam is a 70 item multiple choice exam to be finished in 2 hrs. Content of the exam for nurses includes..

Nurse Technician : Nursing Fundamentals – 28% , Medical – 23%, Surgical- 20%, Paediatric – 16% , Community – 13%

Nurse Specialist: Assessment – 10%, Nursing Problem – 6%, Planning – 20%, Implementation – 50%, Evaluation – 14%.

Prometric Passing Rate for Nurse Techinician is 45% , and for Nurse Specialist is 50% After the exam your score report will be issued, indicating your score and whether you have passed or failed in the exam

We help you in the following ways...
• Vast collection of previously asked SCHS questions and answers
• Huge collection of study materials with CD’s
• Syllabus oriented classroom training
• Computerised practice sections
• Videos of important procedures.
• Exam registration and booking of test centres and dates
• Interview training and information about various hospitals in Saudi Arabia
• Opportunity to communicate with our passed candidates.