There are four types of licenses available in the UAE which allow Health Care Professionals to work. In October 2014, the UAE unified the registration requirements (PQR) for all authorities. This means that now all the requirements are the same, it does not mean that by obtaining a DHA Eligibility Letter for example will allow you to work in Abu Dhabi or Sharjah.

DHA - (Granted by the Dubai Health Authority) Once the Healthcare professional passes the DHA assessment, they can obtain their license and practice their profession in the Emirate of Dubai only. Depending on the healthcare professional's category The DHA assessment can be either:

• Computer Based Testing (CBT-Prometric) or
• Oral assessment

The DHA will confirm with you once you have registered which them as to the type of assessment you need.

HAAD - (Granted by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi) This license allows you to practice in the cities of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

MOH - (Granted by the Ministry of Health) This entitles the holder to practice anywhere in the UAE apart from the Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. For example Sharjah and Ras al Khaimah.

DHCC - (Issued by Dubai Health Care City-a free zone) A separate license by Harvard International. This license allows you to only practice only within the DHCC free zone and no where else in Dubai

How do we help?

  1. Mentors completes the full online registration process with HRD (Healthcare Registration Department) for your professional license on your behalf for DHA, HAAD and MOH Licenses.

  2. We pay all the registration fees which can only be paid via a UAE credit card.

  3. We submit all the relevant documentation and ensure accuracy of this to the Health Authority.

  4. We offer complete guidance and support and deal with the UAE authorities on your behalf.

  5. The time we take to complete this process is usually between 6-8 working weeks, whereas if you did this alone, it can take up to 6-8 months!

  6. Most of all, our service is superior than any other service providers. We offer complete support almost everyday. Our standard turnaround times are 24 hours.

  7. Note that we cannot guarantee that your application will be accepted. We can check your eligibility, although it is your responsibility to read check if you have any conccerns.There are situations when the Health Authorities reject cases based on other reasons which we would not know until the case has been individually assessed. For this reason, we do not offer any refunds on packages and applications which have been rejected.

Our Cost

Starting from only $999 or Rs. 65000 which includes our consultation fees and all FEES payable to Health Authority & Data Flow

Exam Fees

The costs of exams are included in our fees.

Cost of online or offline Trainings shall be extra.

What do you need to do

Before you purchase any of our packages for your license, you will first need to check with us that you are eligible to work in the UAE as refunds are not given on any of the packages. Contact us stating your profession, how many years you have worked, and which governing body you are registered by in your country of employment. A change in your circumstances after purchasing the package would also mean you would lose the fee, so please be sure before starting the license process.

Mentors provide examination support for some of the Prometric Tests in the form of exam style questions from past students. We offer these for General Practitioners, General Dentists, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Pharmacists and Paramedical Staff. Our full papers (800 + questions) have a selection of questions for all specialties such as Obs/Gynecologists,Pediatricians, Internal Medicine and General Surgeons).

Applying for a new role in a different country can always be a challenge. First impressions are always the most important. Portraying your skills in the best possible way is one hurdle which candidates continue to face. Although there is no hard and fast rule of what to include on your CV, there are some things you just should not include! We offer a service to get the best possible results from your CV at a very small price.